Abregé de la Chronologie

By: Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton is universally known for his contributions to science, but he was also a Christian who worked and wrote as much on religious topics as scientific issues. Newton’s scientific and religious interests came together in his study of chronology, where he attempted to chart a history of humanity by meshing biblical history with extra-biblical histories and chronologies from the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and others. Newton kept his chronological work private, but in 1725, a French publisher obtained an abridged version of his chronology and printed it without permission, claiming he had written to Newton for authorization and taken his silence as consent. This abridged version presented Newton’s unorthodox timeline along with a refutation from Nicholas Fréret. This is the unauthorized French abridgement from 1725, bound together with a French translation of Humphrey Prideaux’s chronology of the Jewish people.

Printed in 1725 by Guillaume Cavelier, Paris, France. Acquired by 2006 by Bouquinerie du languedoc, Montpellier, France; Purchased in 2006 by Ted Steinbock, private collector, Louisville, Kentucky; Privately purchased in 2020 by Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC.

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