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Elisabeth Elliot
Explore items in the Elisabeth Elliot Collection.
Scripture and Science
Explore items relating to the special exhibit "Scripture and Science: Our Universe, Ourselves, Our Place."
Illuminated Manuscripts
Delve into the bright and colorful world of illuminated manuscripts.

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Join our curators in exploring some of their research into the Museum Collections.
The Washington Pentateuch
The Washington Pentateuch is one of the oldest, most-complete, Jewish Bible manuscripts in the United States.
Codex Climaci Rescriptus
Monks at the monastery of St. Catherine produced this palimpsest manuscript in the ninth or tenth century.

More From The Collections

Through Gates of Splendor, First Edition

Printed Book
New York United States

Some Motives and Incentives to the Love of God

Printed Book

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Printed Book
London (England)

The Museum Collections allow Museum of the Bible to convey the global impact and fascinating history of the Bible through biblical artifacts, manuscripts, printed Bibles and books, and art from a range of cultures and time periods.

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